Fire Suppression Systems Explained

Fire Suppression Systems Explained
16 November 2020 13 view(s)

Fire Suppression Systems Explained


Stroud Safety offers a versatile range of fire suppression delivery systems for all motorsports applications. With a full range of systems, accessories, and components for your needs. Stroud Fire systems use the FE-36 extinguishing agent, which is SFI approved for drag racers. That is a huge plus, as some agents are not SFI approved. FE-36 is a gas, not a water based liquid.



Most fire extinguisher activations are accidental. Someone trips the bottle and it goes off. With a gas based system, all you do is open the car doors and let it vent for a bit and put your spare bottle in it and go run. With a water based (foam) system, you are have to clean the whole vehicle up because of the foam. It is also corrosive and you have to clean/replace everything the foam gets in contact with, like your wiring and instruments, etc. You are down for a while. Stroud believe gas systems can reach areas of the car much easier and quicker than the foaming systems.


So what makes Stroud ahead of the rest?
All components are ANHRA and NHRA approved. Stroud use 3 nozzles, not 2, steel tubing, not aluminium, stainless steel T-clamps, not hose clamps, an 8" pull cable, and a head that adapts to your bottle mounting location. Another advantage to using the Stroud fire system is that Rocket Industries stocks spare bottles for the times you need a replacement bottle. Simply call Rocket and one is on it’s way to you. Fast, easy and simple!

Stroud Fire systems are available in 5 or 10lb system and include the bottle, head, mount, clamps, 8" pull cable, 2 x 3-port (or 180°) nozzles, 1 x 6-port (or 360°) nozzle, fittings and 12.5ft. of tubing.

Fire Supression Systems

5lb. FE-36 Fire Suppression System..........Part No. SS9302
10lb. FE-36 Fire Suppression System........Part No. SS9352


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