Total Cost Involved Engineering Firms Up with RideTech

Total Cost Involved Engineering Firms Up with RideTech
16 November 2020 28 view(s)

Total Cost Involved Engineering Firms Up with RideTech


For many years, musclecars, street rods, and classic trucks all went different directions when it came to customizing. As the hobby progressed, however, so did the need for all of these vehicles to become more fun to drive, as well as the need to make them more roadworthy than they ever used to be. Making an older vehicle more driveable means the chassis and suspension needs to be upgraded in order to keep up with today’s technology.


Total Cost Involved Engineering (TCI) began helping street rodders with those upgrades in 1974 when they introduced the world to their Model A chassis. The TCI Engineering team made it easier for street rodders to upgrade their classic rod, because for the first time those street rodders and builders didn’t have to design and fabricate, or modify their own frame.

That’s where it all started, and the end is nowhere in sight as TCI Engineering has been manufacturing award winning chassis and suspension components for the hot rod and musclecar communities ever since. These days, it’s not unusual to see a street rod, a classic truck and a musclecar at the same venue, like the autocross, because TCI Engineering has been making these classics more competitive with their stiffer chassis and improved suspension designs for the last four decades.


When selecting suspension components, everything has to work together and parts need to be chosen well. And with that concept, TCI Engineering is proud to announce that they are teaming up with RideTech to supply customers with the best ride, handling, and performance technology they can by incorporating RideTech shocks exclusively with their chassis and suspension packages.

RideTech President, and regular autocrosser, Bret Voelkel said "We are honored to become the official shock supplier to TCI. We’ve long admired the quality of both their product and their customer service and we look forward to helping their customers really enjoy driving their hotrods!"

Voelkel knows all too well how important the proper setup can make or break you when it comes to performance, as his own 1933 Ford has been wowing the crowds at autocross events all over the country. With their complete line of coilover shocks and struts, this partnership is the perfect combination of performance and style in both corners.



TCI Engineering’s Sal Solorzano shared with us, "TCI has always led the Hotrod industry in offering the finest technology available. After careful evaluation we’ve selected the RideTech shocks for our musclecar, classic car, and classic truck chassis and suspensions." This sealed the deal in a partnership that we’re sure to see more of throughout the years.

For more information about their award winning products and line-up, check out our range of Total Cost Involved and RideTech products.


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