Wilwood’s FIVE Silicone Brake Fluid

Wilwood’s FIVE Silicone Brake Fluid
16 November 2020 5 view(s)

Wilwood’s FIVE Silicone Brake Fluid


Top off your pride and joy with Wilwood's new DOT 5 silicone brake fluid. Perfect for show cars and the like, its special formula makes it non-corrosive on paint surfaces, so spills and drips are no longer a cause for alarm. With its non-hygroscopic blend preventing moisture absorption, the brake fluid is able to take care of reducing internal system corrosion making it handy inside your braking system as well.


Show car builders and owners will be glad to know that Wilwood Engineering has just released a high quality silicone brake fluid that works perfectly in the company's brake systems and other applications where silicone brake fluid is specified. Show car builders like the benefit that silicone brake fluid does not harm paint finishes in case of a spill or leak. It can simply be wiped off of a paint surface without any harm.

Wilwood FIVE is a highly refined silicone brake fluid formulated to preserve the looks and reliability on classic vehicles and show cars. Its non-hygroscopic blend blocks moisture absorption to inhibit internal system corrosion. Wilwood FIVE provides superior lubrication for all brake system wear surfaces with long life from the master cylinder and caliper pistons, bores and seals. The fluid is fully DOT 5 compliant meeting or exceeding FMVSS116 and MIL-PRF-46176B-DOT specifications and can be used in custom vehicles and any vehicle that is OE specified for DOT 5 use. Wilwood does not recommend using DOT 5 fluid in any racing application.


  • Silicone composition won’t eat away at paint if spilled
  • Non-hygroscopic blend prevents moisture absorption
  • Great lubrication for custom or OE-specified DOT 5 vehicles

Rocket Industries stocks the new DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid in 12oz. (355ml) bottles. Part No.WB290-0814


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